Little Whisker Blue Texels
Little Whisker Blue Texels

Blue Texels are a new breed recently imported into Northern Ireland. They are very docile, easily lambed and their lambs are extremely virile. The breed characteristics can be viewed on the Blue Texel Breed Society website via the link on our home page.

In Holland, all sheep at eighteen months of age are scanned, graded and scored out of 100 for traits such as development, musculature, proportion, type, legs, coat and present look. This is recorded on their pedigrees going back 3 generations. The sheep are also scored out of 4 for colour and head pattern. Also included on their pedigree is their lambing history and number of lambs born.


Blue Texel rams make excellent sires for commercial flocks producing quality lambs killing out at 50-55% liveweight. As the blue colour is from a recessive gene, over 90% of the crossbred lambs will be white.

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